Call for papers

Two decades ago Graham Murdock (1997) has noted: “uneasy, and as yet largely unexplored, relation to the institutionalized relations between the religious and media systems of individual nation-states”. Considering those decades of European media scholarship on media and religion, the research gap in the field of religious media in national media systems still waits for exploration.
The preparing monograph focuses on the dynamics of religious media considered from the national media systems landscape. Its content deals with few basic questions:

  • What are the paths that the dynamics of religious media follow?
  • How the religious media reproduce strategies of leading media outlets?
  • To what extent they are a part of national-state media systems?
  • What is the impact of the religious media on institutions and political actors?
  • What is the position of the religious media in the country in relations with the secular media?

Editors of the monograph are expecting for chapters dealing with a single European country religious media. The chapters follow the structures and topics based on:

  • main religious media of the country,
  • the characteristics of these religious media,
  • the position of religious media in the country (also their media market position) and its place in national media systems,
  • the way of shaping the religious media by the cyber communication,
  • a specific feature of national religious media,
  • the relation between media and religion in the context of national politics.

Editors are interested especially in papers that discuss the landscape of religious media of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom and Vatican.